Books That Lime Light Management Highly Recommends

Do you love a good book that challenges your mind? Do you like stories that ignite your passion? Our Lime Light Management experts have been compiling their favorite reads that should be on your winter reading list:

• “Originals,” by Adam Grant: Our Lime Light Management team suggests this book due to its focus on being balanced in the quest for innovation. It emphasizes the need to be open and expose yourself to different experiences in order to excel in a specific area. We also embrace the notion that different perspective shed light on ideas in unique ways.

• “Smarter Faster Better,” by Charles Duhigg: Our Lime Light Management pros relate to the notion that being productive has different meanings to different people. A case in point is that a failure to one professional can be what another calls progress. As Duhigg notes, it’s all situational, therefore productivity cannot be measured equally across the board.

• “On Fire,” by John O’Leary: The ability to survive, or even thrive, following a tragic event is truly inspiring. This book details the experience of the author and his family following a fire which involved life-threatening injuries. O’Leary details his mother’s strength and determination in a situation that could likely bring even the toughest individuals to their knees.

Pick up one or all of these books today. Read and unlock the possibilities.