How We Build Our Collaborative Office Environment

How We Build Our Collaborative Office Environment

One of the defining traits of Lime Light Management’s office environment is collaboration. We love working together as a team because we know that it amplifies our results. Being able to bounce ideas off one another not only helps us as a business, it also gives us the means to create excellent results for the brands we represent.

These are some of the guidelines we follow to maintain our united Lime Light Management culture:

• Promote Teamwork From Day One: Our commitment to group effort is one of the first things we bring up in an interview, and we make our position clear throughout the meeting. All new hires are assigned a coach as well, supporting our claim that success relies on our ability to work with others.

• Recognize and Reward Collaborators: We honor individual achievement, but at the same time we take special notice of those who invest their time and energy into helping others. These collaboration ninjas are naturals when it comes to communication, empathy, and flexible thinking – vital traits of a cooperative atmosphere.

• Invest in Team Building: We have team nights that get us together outside the workplace. These fun and relaxing events help us connect on a personal level, outside of our titles and roles. This makes collaboration in the office much smoother, because we’ve learned how to relate as people, not just professionals.

Teamwork is the foundation of our success. Learn more about our cooperative culture by liking Lime Light Management on Facebook.