Cost-Effective Ways to Show Appreciation

Cost-Effective Ways to Show Appreciation

Recognition is a given in our Lime Light Management office. We appreciate our people’s diligence and dedication to our mission. While we do indulge in special awards and more grandiose celebrations, we also incorporate smaller recognition practices more frequently. Here are three cost-effective ways to say thanks:

• Verbal or Written Kudos: The least expensive thank you is often the most heartfelt. We take time at Lime Light Management to extend kudos to our people when they achieve milestones or exert additional efforts. The key is to be sincere and specific when expressing gratitude. When team members feel valued, they are more likely to repeat those behaviors.

• Random Acts of Thank You: Small surprises can have a big impact, as we’ve learned in our Lime Light Management workplace. Passes to the movies, a gift card, or even a latte can give people a boost. For an entire team recognition, special treats like donuts or lunch can be rewarding.

• Flexible Schedules: Some companies offer people flexible schedules, noting there needs to be a balance between work and life. For example, these firms might allow team members to work longer days four days a week for a half day during the week. They might allow people to adjust hours to attend events during the day.

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