Our Culture Is the Foundation of Our Success

Our Culture Is the Foundation of Our Success

We’re very proud of our team-centric Lime Light Management culture. On average we have two social events a week at which we get together after hours to unwind and enjoy one another’s company away from the workplace.

Our team is very active, and we love choosing new and exciting activities for our team nights. For example, we recently played flag football and bowling is always a popular choice.

The purpose of these team nights is to build relationships that we may not have time to nurture during our normal workdays. We want to make sure everyone feels connected, and not just to the brand ambassadors they’re working with on a particular campaign. By gathering outside the office, we connect across projects and leave our titles or positions on the table. We’re just teammates having a good time, which creates higher levels of camaraderie and smoother collaboration when we do head back to Lime Light Management headquarters.

Making teamwork easier is only one of the benefits we gain from team-building events. Another is that our office environment helps us attract and retain talented professionals. People find more than a career here; they find a place where they belong, and like-minded professionals with whom they enjoy spending time. Not only do candidates want to be part of an organization like this, but it’s easy for team members to commit long-term to a career with us.

At the end of the day, our focus on creating meaningful connections makes us feel like a family. Learn more about our unified company culture by following Lime Light Management on Twitter.