We’re Different in All The Right Ways

We’re Different in All The Right Ways

There are many qualities that set Lime Light Management apart from other businesses in the city of Dallas. One of the most important differences is that our President, Abraham, genuinely cares about each member of his team and is committed to helping everyone achieve his or her full potential.

This level of concern impacts many of our processes and procedures. For example, our management training program focuses on results, not methods. In other words, rather than fit people into a leadership style, we encourage our team members to find what works for them. In doing so, we encourage innovation while increasing the speed with which our people advance.

Also, we pride ourselves on having an open-door policy that encourages communication among our team members. Not only does news travel from the top down, but from the bottom up as well; again, Abraham models the behavior he wants to see in the organization by welcoming feedback from each member of Lime Light Management.

A third way we set ourselves apart is through recognition. Our team is consistently hitting goals, and we make sure productivity does not go unnoticed. A simple thank you is always appreciated, but we also use awards, prizes, and even trips to show our gratitude to those who embrace the company’s mission and objectives.

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