We Know How to Build Careers

We Know How to Build Careers

Lime Light Management’s star is on the rise, with even more brands than ever joining our portfolio. This means growth for our company, and opportunities for business-oriented pros to apply.

“The secret to our success is simple: we recruit and hire the right people,” shared Abraham, Lime Light Management’s President. “Our team is filled with individuals who enjoy the perks of a prosperous career. They thrive in an environment that is set up for all-around success.”

From the moment associates join our company, our people are immersed in a training experience designed to bring them up to speed quickly. We bypass the video and binder routine. Hands-on interactions expose people to the skills and methods they need to run with our dynamic sales approach.

“One thing I like to point out to candidates during the interview is that our leadership team started their careers in entry-level positions as well,” Abraham stated. “Therefore, they are the perfect people to help others learn the ropes. Our seasoned coaches share their insights and provide feedback. Overall, this creates a supportive learning environment for our incoming brand ambassadors.”

We seek out those who share our company’s values, and then continually provide them with chances to learn and grow. If this sounds like the sort of career you’ve been looking for, submit an application and your résumé on our Careers page. For more about our team and office culture, like Lime Light Management on Facebook.