How to Learn the Quick and Easy Way

How to Learn the Quick and Easy Way

Learning is the foundation of the Lime Light Management culture. It powers the growth of our company, the businesses we serve, and our people. That’s why we seize every opportunity to hone our talents and gain new knowledge. It’s true that we’re also quite busy, so we must be strategic about our learning habits. By using small increments of time to develop ourselves, we stay full of fresh insight – and ahead of the competition.

For example, each chapter of a book requires only 10-15 minutes of listening or reading. It’s the perfect amount of content to help us pass the time as we commute to Lime Light Management and home again. Many of us also read as parts of our bedtime rituals, further contributing to our growing knowledge banks.

It’s fairly common to hear an unknown word or a reference to something with which we’re unfamiliar. When this happens, we immediately take a few moments to enlighten ourselves via Google. The amount of information we can gather in the same span of time as a TV commercial break is rather impressive.

We’re also big on podcasting – not to mention documentaries and TED Talks. It helps that there is a seemingly endless list of program options, which cover every topic imaginable. We listen to them as we complete routine tasks like housecleaning and checking email.

These bite-sized learning activities are just as (or more) effective than structured, hours-long study. Like Lime Light Management on Facebook for more helpful learning methods.