Lime Light Management: Causes of Bad First Impressions

You want to make a favorable first impression when meeting others, correct? Of course you do. Our Lime Light Management experts warn that you could be inadvertently turning people off, simply through some bad habits you’ve acquired. Here are three of the worst offenders:

• Being Critical: Are you someone who enjoys making disparaging remarks about others when their backs are turned? Our Lime Light Management professionals suggest that this sends a message to people, which is that they should be wary of what you might be saying about them when not in your presence. The best solution is to keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

• Avoiding Eye Contact: If you are speaking to someone, but not looking at them directly, our Lime Light Management executives caution that you’re sending unfavorable signals. Lack of eye contact is often perceived as a sign that someone is untrustworthy, distracted, or uninterested. These are images of yourself that you probably don’t want others to hold.

• Chronic Complaining: You might be having a horrible day, but do others really need to hear every detail – especially those you are meeting for the first time? Swallow your need to vent to anyone in ear shot. Take a deep breath and focus on what could be the one bright spot in your otherwise dismal day.

By breaking yourself of any of these habits you hold, you increase your chances of making a positive first impression.