Networking and Learning Build Basis for Results

Networking and Learning Build Basis for Results

Our Lime Light Management learning environment extends well beyond our office walls. We relish the opportunity to go places and learn from others who have been there, done that, and want to share their wisdom. Recently, several members of our team traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for an administration meeting where learning was the top agenda item.

“The purpose of this excursion was knowledge transfer, and our experience did not disappoint,” said Abraham H., Lime Light Management’s President. “We learned many things, such as how to continue growing our business and be an integral part in the entire process. Among the many lessons we acquired were some troubleshooting techniques to enhance our work and deliver more results, as well as how to strengthen our recruitment approach.”

Networking was also a key element of our trip. “One of our favorite parts was meeting leaders with whom we’ve only communicated by phone or online,” he said. “It was great to connect with people from across the country and build our contact base with people we can count on for advice as we grow in our careers.”

“I see every trip as a chance to learn and grow individually and as a team,” Abraham said. “There’s a wealth of best practices we can apply when we return that make it all worthwhile.”

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