Ongoing Growth Fuels a Hiring Push

Ongoing Growth Fuels a Hiring Push

As we continue pushing past our expansion goals, we’re also looking for the right talent to build Team Lime Light Management. Our hiring managers have identified a few things candidates must do if they want to impress during their interviews:

• Practice: It’s one thing to have a compelling pitch that explains their fitness for the job, but the best candidates also rehearse to ensure confident performances. Impressive interviewees know the job descriptions inside and out so they can promote the right skills as well.

• Research: When we evaluate potential additions to our team, we want to make sure they understand our Lime Light Management mission and are familiar with our work. If it’s obvious that a candidate has done his or her homework on our company, we’re much more likely to view that person as a good fit.

• Be on Time: This is a key element in making a positive impression, because it’s important not to be too early. Being late isn’t an option, of course, but candidates also shouldn’t arrive more than 10 or 15 minutes ahead of their appointment times. Arriving too early might put undue pressure on the people carrying out the interview, which is certainly not a good way to get off on the right foot.

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