Present Better With These Tips From Storytellers

Present Better With These Tips From Storytellers

Our Lime Light Management outreach depends on our ability to engage consumers and generate excitement for the products we represent. We start training our people on how to effectively present from day one. The key is to capture audience attention and retain it. Storytellers have become an inspiration to our team as we learn more about their techniques to get people listening.

One of the key lessons we’ve noted is the most impactful storytellers are sincerely passionate about the topic they present. During our Lime Light Management training, we discuss why it is important for us to connect with the brands and products we represent. When we believe in what we’re presenting, audiences perceive us as more credible, and thus more likely to favorably respond.

Once we’re in front of an audience, our mission is to connect with them on a meaningful level. First, though, we need to get their undivided attention. This can be accomplished through a powerful opening statement that both startles them and engages their thought processes. Think of astounding facts or something absurd that gives people reason to keep listening.

A final thought: most speakers are anxious before they present. We’ve learned to own our nervousness and channel it into energy. A few deep breaths can help restore normal breathing, if the symptoms are physical.

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